At DGM Rotomolding we can offer you the service you need for the finishing of your products.

We have the machinery and qualified personnel to offer you an integral service for the finishing of your wrists.s

  • Airbrush Decoration
  • Hand painted
  • Decoration by Tampography
  • Eye and eyelash placement
  • Sewing and grafting of hair to heads
  • Head styling
  • Dress
  • Inserting
  • Mounting
  • Fiberfill
  • Sewing and attaching flanges to fabric bodies
  • Placement of movement rings

We always use the best raw materials to guarantee the quality our customers deserve. We put all our resources at the disposal of our customers, and they are always the ones who decide which manufacturing phases they want to carry out.

  • Achieving a more realistic finish for your products

  • Fixed, movable eyes with or without eyelashes in different qualities

  • Wide range of available colors and textures

  • Qualified professional for the finish you need

  • We have machinery for the fiber filling of different products.

  • We can offer you different finishes of your products

  • Different finishes for different types of products

  • Qualified professionals for a high quality finish

  • Faster, lower cost with a quality finish

  • Solutions in the assembly of all types of products

  • Qualified human team for high quality work

  • Years of experience in professional finishing of your products

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